Natural Products Canada Collaboration

Natural Products Canada and BioAlberta work in collaboration to help Alberta leverage the many opportunities in natural products.

For NPC, natural products are defined as novel, biologically-based solutions that can be applied to almost any industry to provide sustainable alternatives that are better for people, animals and the planet. As a node partner of Natural Products Canada, BioAlberta is a close ally of the organization and benefits from a steady flow of referrals and resources. In addition, Darren Bolding, NPC’s Regional Director – Prairies, is co-located in BioAlberta’s offices. Through Darren, Alberta stakeholders can access NPC’s comprehensive national suite of programs and services, including:
  • Advisory Services – Advice, guidance, referrals and connections to expertise, resources and facilities to advance the development and commercialization of bio-based innovation.
  • Commercialization Programs – Three strategic programs that can provide up to $250,000 in non-repayable, non-dilutive capital for high-potential innovators in the natural product space. READ MORE
  • Innovation Hub – A national platform for connectivity between high-potential innovation and investors and industry players. The Innovation Hub is comprised of events, personalized introductions, strategic initiatives, reports, communication and more.
  • Investment Fund – NPC closed its first investment fund in June 2021, after successfully investing in 13 Canadian start-ups. The success of that fund led to the development of NPC Ventures, a $50M fund dedicated to Canadian start-ups developing high-potential natural products.
For more information, contact Darren Bolding.