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CAMS Exclusive Summer Sale. 15% off services from May to July for BioAlberta members

Nanostics and AHS collaborate to develop new diagnostic tools for urological diseases

FREDsense Launches Advanced Rapid Testing PFAS Analytical Services

Local AI non-profit organization to receive grant from Google Canada.

CASTL launches national biomanufacturing training program powered by Upskill Canada

Our Edmonton: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

BioAlberta Announces Partnership with Lawcubator Technologies

Ceapro Inc. Initiates Phase 1-2a Study Assessing Its Flagship Product Avenanthramides for Potential Applications in Inflammation Based Diseases

From Europe to Canada: Why are tech companies expanding to Alberta?

Revolutionizing Agriculture: The Crucial Role of Cryopreservation

Cracking the Code of Cellular Health: Dr. Vocadlo’s Pioneering Research

University of Alberta Assigns Full Suite of Patents to 48Hour Discovery as Revenue Exceeds $5 Million Triggering Key Milestone

Research Chair recieves $8 million over the next eight years to continue his work at the University of Alberta

Syantra Announces Liquid Biopsy Platform Breakthrough with Expanded Intellectual Property Portfolio; Partnership with Limmi to Accelerate AI-Powered RNA-Based Early Cancer Detection Liquid Biopsy Program