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BioAlberta’s partnership program strengthens the industry through companies that lead lead the way.

Have you considered the benefits of becoming a partner in our growing community? The program is designed for private and public sector organizations to support the industry while increasing their profile in the life sciences.

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Premium Membership

The funds provided by your corporate membership supports BioAlberta’s advocacy and policy initiatives, ensuring policy frameworks in Alberta and Canada foster growth of our life sciences and biotech/biopharma industry. BioAlberta relies on continued collaboration from its partners through your thought leadership and input. 


Platinum Partner

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Price $25,000

Gold Partner

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Price $15,000

Silver Partner

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Price $6,000

Did you know?

BioAlberta is one of the few life science industry associations who receive no operational support from the government.

We rely on continued collaboration from our partners through presence at meetings, knowledge contribution to policy papers, and financial support. This presents BioAlberta with a strategic opportunity to be a strong and effective voice for the life sciences industry—but industry support from people like you is critical to our success.