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48Hour Discovery

48Hour Discovery

Company Overview

48Hour Discovery is an Edmonton-based biotechnology company at the forefront of accelerating drug discovery in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Established in 2017, the company has garnered international recognition for its innovative approach to peptide discovery. Specializing in chemically modified phage display technology, 48Hour Discovery offers a highly customizable platform that revolutionizes the early drug discovery process.

Drug discovery is a vital step in addressing diseases like cancer. However, traditional methods are often costly, time-consuming, and high-risk, leading to many failed projects in the pharmaceutical industry. 48Hour Discovery simplifies early drug discovery by rapidly screening billions of potential new drug leads. Our proprietary technology significantly reduces research and development costs while providing unmatched speed, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making capabilities. With deep customization to our client’s needs, we offer a competitive edge for those seeking to advance new peptide-based therapeutics and diagnostics.

Major Developments

As the company continues to scale, we have several key initiatives ongoing to propel our growth. Several of our radiopharmaceutical clients in the past nine months have each been acquired for over +$1B USD. Now, we are developing new radiopharmaceutical drugs internally leveraging our core technology not for our clients but for ourselves. We aim to create massive value in this fast-growing market and are utilizing the extensive expertise and infrastructure that exists here in Edmonton to help develop these assets.

Beyond this, we are focusing on the development of our AI capabilities. We are integrating data from our peptide screening results and biophysical measurements to train our AI model, enhancing its predictive power and enabling the rapid identification of optimized peptide candidates for various therapeutic targets.

Upcoming Events

48HD actively participates in numerous industry events to foster collaboration and showcase our innovations. Key upcoming events for some of our team include:

These events help keep the company at the forefront of innovation, build essential networks, and expand our presence both locally and internationally.

Recent Success

48Hour Discovery was recently recognized as one of the few companies to receive funding from the Edmonton Edge Fund. This $530k in support has already helped scale our company, hire new professionals, and significantly accelerate our research and development efforts.

We were also recently highlighted in the innovation issue of Edify magazine.

Earlier this year we won support from the Alberta Cancer Foundation Breakthrough Fund, to support our radiopharmaceutical development of new exciting radiopeptide-based theranostics, a bespoke, non-invasive systemic approach treating a wide variety of cancers with enhanced accuracy and reduced risk.

Late last year, 48Hour Discovery was also fully assigned our comprehensive patent portfolio from the University of Alberta. As well, our business continues to excel working alongside notable clients and leaders in the radiopharmaceutical space, including our recent collaboration with Orano Med.

Overall, 48Hour Discovery continues to make strides in the biotechnology industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver rapid and effective solutions for drug discovery and therapeutic development.

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