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BioEconomy Guild: The Metabolomics Innovation Centre

November 8th’s GUILD event was exciting!

We had a very exciting GUILD with Dr. David Wishart, founder of The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC). He spoke on, “Building new infrastructure for agro-food informatics.”.

It was very interesting to learn about how their work enables biomarker identification and validation.

The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC) is a non-profit metabolomics core facility at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, founded by Dr. David Wishart, a pioneer and leader in metabolomics, to provide metabolomic analysis.  They provide an accessible, affordable alternative to a commercial company in industry, all while maintaining strict standards of quality and accuracy.  Explore their metabolomics services, including mass spectrometry (LC-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS), NMR, and UV-LC. They do targeted and untargeted metabolomics, plus proteomics and lipidomics. They use both in-house and third-party assays to identify, measure, and quantify metabolites involved in various organisms and metabolic pathways from many sample types (human, animal, plant, vitamin, cholesterol, steroids, nucleobases, etc.).  Their work enables biomarker identification and validation.  They create software, web servers, and databases for the metabolomics community and for the public. They are experts in metabolomics, and produce experts. Check out their tutorials, publications, and quality management at work for their clients, their research hotel for those new to metabolomics research, and more!

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