Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Medical biotechnology uses living cells, cell materials or biological substances to help treat and prevent diseases through the development of products such as pharmaceuticals. Health Biotechnology involves therapeutics and diagnostics which applies biotechnology to discover and develop pharmaceuticals.


A recent advancement in medical biotechnology is vaccinations against Covid-19 to alleviate the pandemic affects. Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine has an mRNA which is designed to create an immune response in the body cells against Covid-19.  Additionally, there has been newer modifications which allow for easier manufacturing, shipping and storing of the vaccinations making it easily accessible.  

Transforming Health Systems and embracing innovation.


Transforming Health Systems and embracing innovation.

This includes: antibodies, antibody-drug conjugate, anti-infectives, biosimilars, cell therapy, biosimilars, cell therapy, drug delivery, gene therapy, generics, immunotherapy, microbiome, molecular diagnostics, natural compounds, nucleic acid drugs, peptides, proteins, small molecules, stem cells and vaccines