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RetinaLogik Inc.

A future where everyone has access to quality vision screening.

2.2 billion people live with vision impairment, and over 1 billion could have been prevented. Even in Canada, 75% of vision loss is preventable, and ⅕ of Canadians are at risk of losing their vision. This crisis of preventable blindness costs the Canadian government $33 billion annually. Early detection is crucial to stop these conditions from causing permanent damage with proper diagnostic tools. Many key diagnostic tools used in clinics are expensive and not portable, limiting access to life-changing eye exams. 

RetinaLogik Inc. is a Calgary-based startup that develops software for ophthalmic purposes. Their mission is to prevent vision loss for millions by making smarter vision screening accessible for everyone, everywhere. Their solution enables key eye tests on virtual reality and augments results using AI to support the detection of conditions. To learn more about how they will revolutionize vision care globally, reach out to them at or follow them on LinkedIn.

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