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A Vision Without Eye Floaters

Hundreds of millions of people suffer from vitreoretinal disease which includes vitreous opacities (eye floaters), diabetic retinopathy, vitreomacular traction (VMT), and age-related macular degeneration (wet and dry AMD). When these disease conditions impact vision it can profoundly affect one’s quality of life and overall health. PulseMedica believes the right to sight is universal and is developing diagnostics and treatment options for patients where none exist today.

About PulseMedica

PulseMedica, an Edmonton-based medical device startup, is on a mission to improve the quality of life for millions of people by building revolutionary technology to image and treat vitreoretinal disease. They are creating an ophthalmic medical device platform for non-invasive, automated image-guided laser treatment, leveraging breakthroughs in 3D computer vision, real-time tracking and femtosecond laser technology. PulseMedica’s short-term vision is to become the global expert in safe, effective, non-invasive, screening and treatment of eye floaters, with the ultimate vision of becoming the global standard for screening and treating vitreoretinal disease.

The Unmet Need: Floater Treatment

Eye floaters are clumps of microscopic collagen fibers within the vitreous humour that cast shadows on the retina, appearing as ‘eye floaters.’ Over half of adults aged 40-80 (~52%) experience floaters. Unfortunately, 5%-10% of those affected by floaters suffer from severe visual and psychological impairments and are commonly advised to adapt over time, with surgical interventions like vitrectomy or unapproved laser procedures considered in rare cases. This absence of a safe and effective treatment option for floaters represents a significant unmet need. PulseMedica aims to address this gap with a first-of-its-kind platform that safely restores the vision quality for millions affected by eye floaters.

Solution: PulseMedica’s Image Guided Treatment Platform

An ophthalmic medical device platform for non-invasive, automated image-guided laser treatment enabled by breakthroughs in 3D computer vision, real-time tracking and femtosecond laser technology.

Office-Based Procedures: Minimally invasive treatments in an ophthalmology office

Safe & Effective Treatments: FDA-approvable medical device to enable Ophthalmologists to confidently offer safe and effective solutions to patients.

Compelling Commercial Plan: Addressing huge unmet needs of patients and clinicians – strong sustainable business model.

PulseMedica’s technological advancements are the result of internal collaborative efforts across various technical and engineering disciplines. To optimize performance and ensure patient safety, PulseMedica has developed custom technologies such as high-resolution multi-modal imaging, intricate optical designs, and advanced electronic communication and safety systems.

Recent Company Achievements

PulseMedica recently announced that an aggregate of $12 million CAD to date in investment was raised as part of their pre-Series A financing round (read more). This investment allowed PulseMedica to generate exciting initial results from their preclinical and clinical studies and will continue to accelerate the clinical validation of PulseMedica’s innovative floater imaging device. Since 2020, PulseMedica has raised over $16M CAD, including a $6.5M CAD investment from a multinational strategic in 2023. Noteworthy achievements for the company include an imaging device trial in 2023 for patients suffering from diabetic retinopathy, the completion of 7 prototype devices, and the initiation of an imaging trial for patients suffering with eye floaters. Results from the ongoing trial have shown promising results.

Looking Ahead

PulseMedica has significant projects and milestones on the horizon, including the completion of clinical studies and the progression of the treatment device towards a first-in-human (FIH) treatment study. The initiation of the FIH treatment study is a pivotal step toward providing a viable treatment solution for eye floaters, and will help set the stage to commercialize PulseMedica’s technology starting in 2027.

Joining the Revolution

PulseMedica is poised for an exciting phase of growth and development in the coming year. The Company is attracting interest from lead investors for its upcoming Series A fundraising round and has various exciting career opportunities available.

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